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05/30/04 - AVITagMod 0.1 : added a small command line program to change/add information's tags in AVI files.
03/24/04 - FtpLabyMaker 2.5 beta 6d : after such a long time, I'm proud to present you a software I coded two years ago. It's a kind of revolutionary FTP client I gave only to my best friends but I think it's now time to make it public. So I hope you'll enjoy it. I know there are already many scripts/softwares to do what FtpLabyMaker can do but there were not born when FtpLabyMaker has been designed. Anyway, I'm sure FtpLabyMaker will now be the first in his category. Just try it and let me know what you think about it :)

AutoDEM for Windows
AutoDEM (aka. AutoMNT) is a software I am writing for my PhD. The idea is to create Digital Elevation Models in the most automatical way
by extracting and interpolating contour lines from scanned topograhpic maps.
more info and download

GLUT|ES for Windows and Windows Mobile
I ported the famous GLUT library for OpenGL|ES used in embedded devices (PDA, cell phones, etc.) and Windows Mobile.
more info and download

AVITagMod 0.1 for Windows/Linux
AVITagMod is a small command line program to add or modify information's tags in AVI files.
It lets you by example change the title, author or copyright tags written into a video file.
download (24Ko) including a Windows executable, the GPL C source file and a README file.

FtpLabyMaker 2.5 beta 6d for Win9x/XP
FtpLabyMaker (aka FLM) is a software that I coded one or two years ago for a friend of mine. It's a "special" FTP client. Special because of what ? Oh just because it knows some special tricks to create locked files or directories on IIS servers or some Unix servers. A locked file is a file with a non-allowed filename containing, by example, special Windows devices like com1, prn, lpt4 etc. Another trick is to add spaces at the begining or the end of the filename. Classical ftp-clients can't deal with these locked files. But it's not finished because FLM is designed to browse labyrinths made of locked-directories and during that browsing it can clean the site (deleting files, directories) or even locking it. It's not finished because FLM can also create large and deep locked and tagged labyrinths to make your friends or worse ennemy crazy !
Well here is a screenshot :

FLM include a lot of features, but here are the most relevants :
  • Laby-Browser : while browsing, FLM can delete/lock files/directories. Name filters can also be applied to search for a specific file or directory...
  • Laby-Maker : this is the labyrinth generation engine. FLM allows you to create many kind of labyrinth with locked and/or tagged names.
    Of course you choose the dimension, but remember that the number of full paths created is exponential :)
  • Post-Maker : this feature format files and directories in the selected directory in a string and copy it into the clipboard.
    It's really useful to post the content of a directory on a vBB's board or everywhere you want.
  • Batch-Mode : FLM can also be used to browse and save the directories hierarchy and/or content into a file from a list of IP.
  • FTP-Stats : this make FLM to generate DL/UP/FXP statistics from your computer to the connected FTP server.
download (92Ko)

wCheckMail 1.2c for Win9x & WinNT-2k -
Small program to check your mailboxes regularly - A mail notification tool if you prefer :)
Ok, so it will be faster to present you it if I show you a screenshot :

Features : Multi-thread checking ; update checker ; import/export from/to INI file to reinstall quickly after a registry flush ;
Socks 4 or 5 & modem Internet connection support ; more options & bug fixes. Uninstall support.
download wCheckMail.exe (56Ko)

for Win9x & WinNT -

wGateScan is the famous scanner to find Wingate servers on a class C or B network and help you to spoof da world :).
wGateScan v4.0 allows you to scan a range of hosts - ex. : to 194.128.ccc.ddd
You can now connect the IP you've found to mIRC and SOCKS4&5 proxy are supported.
Lot of bug fixes, new design and option set. Here is the screenshot:

download wGateScan-4.0b.exe (104Ko)
download old wGateScan-3.0.exe (68Ko)
download old wGateScan-2.2.exe (70Ko)
view or download the WinGate spoofing FAQ by Roch & Pixel - French version
view or download the WinGate spoofing FAQ by Roch & Pixel - English version

Mouse on da GroOove v1.5 for Win9x -
Small program to prevent the mouse from idleing - Use it when you must leave your PC and don't want your cashbars to be paused :)
Disclaimer : This software is intended to make your boss think you're still working...
It IS NOT intended to bypass the various cashbars idle detection mechanisms.

download Mouse on da GroOove.exe (40Ko)

WMM v0.2 for WindowMaker - Linux

WMM is a dockapp for WindowMaker. It is a "two in one" mounter and clock which doesn't need any long configuration file.
The mounter uses units defined in /dev/fstab and you can set an alias name for each partition.
download source file wmm02.tar.gz (34Ko)

c0wBoyZ tRanSlat0r for Win9x
Small program for real Internet's CoWbOyZ - thanks to Ackboo -VU SUR "Trou du cul hideout" !! :)
download c0wBoyZ tRanSlat0r (28Ko)

wCrayfish 4 v1.0 for Win95, Win98 & WinNT
This is a small game inspired from 'Puissance 4'. You must align 4 tokens and play against computer or throught an Internet connection. It was my first client/server program. Hope you'll like ;)
download (69Ko)

WNuke95 v1.2 for Win95
A simple WinNuker for Win95 with patcher. Exploit the 139's port bug in Win95 OSR1.
download WNuke95.exe (50Ko)

Slovo Translator for Win95
A simple French or English translator to the 'Slovo' language from "A Clockwork Orange" by A. Burgess.
download (30Ko) - translate french or english
download (30Ko) - translate french only

SSPinger for Win95
A modified version of the W95's ping.exe which allows you to send a 64K packet to freeze unpatched Win95 OSR1.
To nuke someone type : ssping -l 65535 [IP to nuke]
download SSping.exe (10Ko)
download (2Ko) - a patch against the SSPing nuke by madmax! / pc97

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